Aileen N

  “Team Kinix is an amazingly talented and dependable developer. He has saved my butt a number of times and helped increase the overall value and customer satisfaction here at CCDM. Looking forward to continue our partnership!


I enjoyed working with KINIX on my Magento project. Team was able to deal with a complicated and aging codebase, making suggestions to modify it and taking some initiative in modernizing it as well.

I’ve been able to build on his code, which is no mean feat with Magento, have it successfully in production, and am grateful I had the change to work with Kinix.


Rohit, Thank you for your service on our SEO project. We are looking at starting an SMM project, and we will invite you to apply. Trey Dowdy 401(k) Rekon


This was only a trial job for our old website to see if we should hire him for our new website. We still don’t know the results at this time but we have to say he is a hard worker and available at any time you need him. He always listens to what you have to say and tries to do as you asked him.

joshua Boxer

Rohit did a wonderful job for me and I would recommend him in the future. He has excellent SEO and PPC knowledge and was a pleasure to work with. I will be using Rohit for all future projects.

Rebecca Bowler

Anu did a good job! She is attentive to details with good communication skills. she provided clean code and everything was done on time. I will definitely hire her again.

Yahya M

One of the best SEO person I have ever dealt with, doesnt matter the size of your company, she will still increase your traffic, Highly Recommended & Off-course will consider for future business!


Manohar was a great hire for us. He is very easy to work with, a proactive communicator, and highly skilled developer. He delivered ahead of schedule and went beyond our expectations by producing some video tutorials for us on how to use the features we asked him to create. I would hire Manohar again for sure.


Kinix   is a great developer. He’s honest, he’s got good ideas and we solve problems well together. He’s an excellent communicator who always works hard and uses best practices. He’s someone I can count on consistently, provided I give him enough advanced notice and set up the project well.


Kinix team was an excellent communicator and was able to dive straight into our mess and knock out tasks with little to no direction. Would hire again, recommended.